Alkalife Announces Endorsement Agreement with “Mobility Maker” Dana Santas

Dana-SantasYoga trainer for elite and professional athletes will team up with Alkalife to tout benefits of TEN® spring water for improved performance and recovery

Alkalife®, the creator and marketer of TEN® Spring Water, announced today a partnership with Dana Santas, an international yoga-based, functional mobility trainer, to endorse and help promote the benefits of TEN water.

Nicknamed the “Mobility Maker,” for more than a decade Dana has worked with more than 35 teams and hundreds of athletes in the NHL, MLB, NFL, NBA, MLS, PGA, LPGA & WTA. As an international health and wellness expert, she’s also the yoga/movement expert for CNN Health.

“As a mobility trainer for professional athletes, I understand the importance of proper hydration during training and am a believer in the benefits of alkaline hydration,” said Dana Santas. “Personally, I’ve been drinking alkaline water for nearly five years and have found Alkalife TEN is the most complete high pH and electrolyte water available. Because it’s my mission to help people move, breathe and feel better in their bodies, I’m thrilled to align myself with Alkalife, a company dedicated to improving health.”

“We’re very excited to have Dana Santas on our Alkalife TEN team,” said Jose Fernandez, chief executive officer of Alkalife TEN. “Dana is a natural fit for the TEN brand because her sense of purpose, strength and determination inspires us and fits with our mission of wellness, healing and longevity. Like our professional athletes, Dana understands that staying healthy and fit requires the best form of hydration, and through her excellent work she embodies the spirit and essence of living well through alkaline water.”

About Dana Santas (

Dana Santas is the creator of Radius Yoga and director of Radius Yoga Conditioning, an international yoga-based, functional mobility training business designed to empower people to move, breathe and focus better within the context of their lives. A recognized expert in yoga mobility and positive mental training, Dana is regularly sourced by the media. In addition to her ongoing work with CNN Health, she’s a recurring yoga expert on the nationally syndicated morning show Daytime. She’s the team yoga mobility trainer for numerous teams in MLB, NHL, NFL and the NBA, including the Philadelphia Phillies, Atlanta Braves, Tampa Bay Rays, Orlando Magic and Tampa Bay Lightning; she’s also mobility consultant to many other pro & collegiate teams and private yoga trainer for dozens of individual professional and Olympic athletes, including PGA, LPGA and WTA pros. Find Dana Santas on Facebook (, Instagram (, and Twitter (